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Since 1995

Elena Schiaffino first came across the internet between 1994 and 1995 and was immediately fascinated. This interactive medium had her convinced, unlike the sceptics of the time, straight away.

She took part in the start-up of the first hours of Video On Line (or VOL, one of the first Italian internet service providers). When Telecom Italia bought VOL in 1996, Elena entered Telecom for the start-up of TIN.it as Communications Manager. She monitored communication for the entire area of Internet di Telecom Italia at the head office.

After five years of spreading the word of the internet’s importance in Italy, Elena Schiaffino left the web for a little under two years as she was asked to take on the role of Spokesperson for the Mayor of Milan, Gabriele Albertini, for 1999-2000. Despite the importance of this role, in August 2000 she decided to return to her passion for the web.

Accepted the challenge of having a team and started off with the small one — the agenzia web Engitel to bring to life the dream of a creative web and digital agency that would stand out for doing decent work whilst the new internet reality brought about hit-and-run chaos.

She is still an active partner in the web agency that was founded in 1995 and is now unusual in the world of the Italian web thanks to its dedication to having an exceptional team and remaining independent.

Engitel, as well as being home to a team of competent and forward-thinking people, has created excellent software over the years such as the CMS Sping&Go and Contacts Manager and has created more than 4,500 projects including portals, sites, Intranet, e-commerce, communities and web apps.

From the 1990s to today, Engitel’s growth has been accompanied by increasing recognition (meaning its clients’ trust) but has also won prestigious sector-specific prizes. It won the NC Digital Awards 2016 and was named best independent digital agency and is among the 100 small and medium enterprises that best value female talent according to the Women Value Company 2017.

Before the internet, Elena Schiaffino had a mainly humanities-based education and career: liceo classico (high school diploma, classical A levels), a degree in Legal Theory, a Phillips European competition young researchers prize and a career as a journalist from 1993.

A talent for communication goes hand in hand with the Engitel’s technology. The agency has a human touch and a genuine relationship with its clients who always manage to get to know “whoever’s on the other side of the emails” meeting their needs.

Elena Schiaffino describes herself as a tech addict, saying that the only thing that comes above her laptop, tablet or iPhone is her family.

Elena Schiaffino